news that h.u.d. has worsened its oversight of landlords under Ben Carson

It was on the television news today, Nov. 15th, 2018, that countless poor people, living in subsidized housing, are suffering with ceilings collapsed, mold, rats and mice, and other unlivable conditions. One resident in a large apartment complex, was a college student with a young daughter. She expressed that she felt so stuck and had no way or options to move elsewhere.

One of the HUD (Housing And Urban Development) managers who was interviewed stated that he had only 5 inspectors and that it was impossible to keep with what was needed to force landlords to do repairs or to cancel their contracts timely.

One landlord was paid 1.5 million in rent from tax payers’ dollars. The journalist filmed him and posed a few questions to him but he refused. He entered his car and left. The reporters stated that he had been contacted several times, prior, and he never would talk to them.

The statistics noted were that the Secretary of HUD Carson has not done a competent job. The health and safety inspections are delayed and landlords keep getting paid. 
The watchdog also found that work completed by HUD’s enforcement office dropped by 25 percent since 2016.

Secretary Carson has cut staff numbers.

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