The shutdown of early 2019 continues, today 1-15-19, the wall

I know someone who is a federal employee. They are not getting paid and not forced to work like the TSA agents and the fed prison correctional officers, and others.

The fact of the matter, according to many experts who have knowledge about protecting borders, there are better and more cost- effective ways to protect a border. A wall can be scaled. Trump does not care about raising the taxes on the middle class to get that damn wall built. I believe in a secure border. Also he lies about the drugs. Most of the drugs are coming by boats, per the experts. The illegal drugs coming across the border are usually in vehicles at legal ports of entry and the customs officials catch a lot or most of it with sophisticated technology.

I just read that the number of illegal people trying to come to the USs by boats has increased dramatically. A few years ago it was a few hundreds per year. Now this past year, it was around 1500. I think that its what the article, I read, said. Most were from central America and Mexico. And some were from Asia, I think. People will pay many thousands of dollars to smugglers to come here. The smugglers are evil and let people die; as long as they get their money from desperate people, they could care less.

Supply and demand is what brings the people to our southern borders. The epidemic of AMERICAN DRUG ADDICTS ARE THE SUPPLY. There are other factors, such as bribery of officials in those countries south of us. Trump never mentions those items. He only mentions that we must stop the drug flow and to stop the emergency caravans. If the drug addicts are still in our country; the drug flow will change very little.

We, in the US have huge drug king pins who work with the Cartel king pins to work out the supply.

Underground, illegal capitalist efforts are nurtured by greed. If the reduction of drug addicts cannot be stemmed, people like Trump still does not want a few more of these desperate people to have a path to citizenship. 

The early proof of Trump’s racism is he and his dad not following the civil right acts, in NYC. They were taken to court for not renting to blacks and Latino-Americans. Trump never brought in the documentation. In fact, his managers had a code, marking a minority person’s application so that they would not be rented to. Trump was given contempt of court and later Trump sued the court for contempt of court. He was slapped on the wrist and his money and lawyers got him out of it.

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