Yard Sign during this time of protest and disunity in the US

I made this sign. There are many Americans

protesting against police brutality. Some or many of us mourned and honored John Lewis after his death. Some also watched the movie John Lewis: Good Trouble.

Breonna Taylor was shot needlessly. https://www.bing.com/search?q=breonna+taylor+shooting&form=ANNTH1&refig=58c59e3314cd457b8de2202e13135b5d&sp=2&ghc=1&qs=EP&pq=breonn&sk=PRES1EP1&sc=8-6&cvid=58c59e3314cd457b8de2202e13135b5d

Latino Americans have been targeted and killed in increasingly high numbers since 2015. The mass shooting at the Walmart in El Paso is one example. A young 14 year old girl with brown skin was run over by a white driver. The driver told the police that (she thought she was Mexican or Mexican American) was the reason she (the driver) targeted the victim. However, the driver has still not been charged with an additional charge of a hate crime. https://www.rockdalenewtoncitizen.com/news/world_nation/attacks-against-latinos-in-the-us-didnt-stop-after-el-paso-mass-shooting/article_92a6d2eb-2d0f-5290-8fc5-77fcf1b4a228.html


The no knock warrants have been removed in some areas.

It is a good thing for activism in a peaceful manner. A third party with enough strength is required to help the struggling in this country. The covid-19 is a horrible virus and people are in many cases dying and suffering. I hope a vaccine is discovered soon.

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