The current president is rolling back overtime rules

According to the Economic Policy Institute, the Trump administration will not be following through with Obama’s revisions of overtime for salaried employees.

“In 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) attempted to strengthen overtime regulations for working people. The updated overtime pay rule would have raised the overtime salary threshold from $23,660 to $47,476 in 2016, and by 2020 it would have automatically increased to around $51,000. That rule would have benefitted 13.5 million working people―making 4.6 million newly eligible to receive the overtime pay they deserve, and strengthening the rights of 8.9 million more. “

I received a newsletter about this with a request to send letters (emails) to the Department of labor.

“The 2016 rule, which was held up in court3 following a challenge by business trade associations and Republican-led states, would have increased the overtime salary threshold to $913 per week, or $47,476 for a full-year worker, from its current level of $455 per week, or $23,660 for a full-year worker. It would also have indexed the threshold to wage growth on a triennial basis; under the 2016 rule, the threshold would have increased to roughly $51,000 on January 1, 2020.”

What this tells one is that the rich in congress and the business trade associations want to keep paying some middle class employees without overtime. Yes, work more than 40 hours per week without overtime time pay!


Thoughts on the Mueller Report release and the 2020 Presidential Campaigns

The Mueller report came out and the Attorney General Barr summarized it as an exoneration of Trump. Now the US congress (the House) is attempting to get the unredacted report. There are attorneys who say that Trump did attempt obstruction and that this is against the law. I do rather agree, that at this point in time an attempt for impeachment may not be worthwhile so close to the next presidential election. On the other hand, if the dems do not pursue impeachment, Trump may be emboldened.

It has been reported that Trump’s approval rating went down after the release of the Mueller report. Trump has been ranting in tweets against the report.

There are many democratic contenders vying for the democratic nomination. I do believe that some of those campaigners fit in with my middle class party movement. My book is in the last stage of editing and I think it will be published soon. I hope to get endorsements from several middle class and perhaps from a few well-known people.


The Supreme Court will be starting arguments in cases from N. Carolina and in Maryland, in March/April 2019. This is a suggested platform point in my political movement/party. I contend that gerrymandering should be removed from the partisan process.  There are many who argue that the only way to do this is to have non-elected commissions draw the maps.

The constitution states one vote for one person. Our founding fathers did not have the intent for elected officials to have a right to map the districts so that their party has an extreme advantage to be elected, I would say.  Therefore, gerrymandering of weirdly shaped districts to get more elected from either party (Republican or Democrat) goes against this premise. 

I am just throwing out this idea. What if the US was mapped in a grid, square system?

It is time for more reasonably minded supreme court justices. It is said that the conservatives at the current time want to leave things as they are. So, where are supreme court justices who really wish to uphold the tenets of our constitution?

Justices have “dodged the issue of gerrymandering for decades, gridlocked over whether it is even possible to distinguish acceptably partisan maps from unconstitutional ones.”

“Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. worried aloud last year that creating a legal standard to identify partisan gerrymanders would turn the court into a sort of electoral kingmaker.” link, Times Article below.

I wonder if Roberts understands that it is the supreme court’s responsibility to uphold the constitution, not to dodge straightening out the “unfairness” of gerrymandering. In Ohio, the vote was put on the ballot and the people of Ohio voted to remove gerrymandering, as of 2021.

Under the Ohio law, “Under its provisions, drawing new district boundaries must entail as few splits of counties, municipalities and townships as possible. Preference must be given to the preservation of large counties and municipalities.”


CNN discussion by Don Lemon with professor Higgins and the author Joan Biskupic, who wrote a book about Chief Justice Roberts




news that h.u.d. has worsened its oversight of landlords under Ben Carson


It was on the television news today, Nov. 15th, 2018, that countless poor people, living in subsidized housing, are suffering with ceilings collapsed, mold, rats and mice, and other unlivable conditions. One resident in a large apartment complex, was a college student with a young daughter. She expressed that she felt so stuck and had no way or options to move elsewhere.

One of the HUD (Housing And Urban Development) managers who was interviewed stated that he had only 5 inspectors and that it was impossible to keep with what was needed to force landlords to do repairs or to cancel their contracts timely.

One landlord was paid 1.5 million in rent from tax payers’ dollars. The journalist filmed him and posed a few questions to him but he refused. He entered his car and left. The reporters stated that he had been contacted several times, prior, and he never would talk to them.

The statistics noted were that the Secretary of HUD Carson has not done a competent job. The health and safety inspections are delayed and landlords keep getting paid. 
The watchdog also found that work completed by HUD’s enforcement office dropped by 25 percent since 2016.

Secretary Carson has cut staff numbers.