Tragic mass shootings

This past week, there were two mass shootings. One targeted Latinos in Texas. Purportedly, the NRA told President Trump that he should not alter background checks so as to not influence his base.

.. And .. .The democratic presidential canddates are stating that Trump has fanned the flames for white supremists to become stronger in this country. Reasonable governing means reasonable laws and checks on the 2nd amendment. There are so many ways that society can be safer. Yes, there is a happy medium for both sides. Americans should have the right to bear arms . But, not every American has the responsibility to carry.

 Law enforcement needs to have the upper hand. I believe that the argument about there always being illegal guns out there, does NOT HOLD WATER. 

Yes, there are illegal guns out there for criminals and for others to seek and buy them. However, when the average person can buy an automatic magazine type of gun, legally, there will be more guns in our midst, because of that. The average 2nd amendment gun-toting American, probably does not wish to enter the crime world to buy guns illegally. The criminals have no trouble to buy guns illegally. 

That is a simple analysis.