Should the US allow large swaths of land to be purchased by foreigners

This is a fact. Very large parcels of land, especially valuable farmland are being purchased in the USA by corporations in Canada, China, Netherlands,  and others. Germany owns 71,000 acres in Ohio.

“…nearly 30 million acres of U.S. farmland are held by foreign investors. That number has doubled in the past two decades, which is raising alarm bells in farming communities.”

The states have the right to determine if foreigners are allowed to purchase. I assert that there should be some quantity limit; that the federal government should be involved in protecting our land.  Local people in the state of Ohio and in other states have fear of this.

Some of these large companies install wind farms. Texas has no limits on the number of acres that foreigners can own. Iowa does not allow foreign land purchases.

Ty Higgins of the Ohio Farm Bureau states”One of the main reasons that we’re watching this … is because once a foreign entity buys up however many acres they want, Americans might never be able to secure that land again. So, once we lose it, we may lose it for good.”

This in not a trivial topic. The article points out that many American companies do have the ability to buy land in some foreign countries.