Thoughts on the Mueller Report release and the 2020 Presidential Campaigns

The Mueller report came out and the Attorney General Barr summarized it as an exoneration of Trump. Now the US congress (the House) is attempting to get the unredacted report. There are attorneys who say that Trump did attempt obstruction and that this is against the law. I do rather agree, that at this point in time an attempt for impeachment may not be worthwhile so close to the next presidential election. On the other hand, if the dems do not pursue impeachment, Trump may be emboldened.

It has been reported that Trump’s approval rating went down after the release of the Mueller report. Trump has been ranting in tweets against the report.

There are many democratic contenders vying for the democratic nomination. I do believe that some of those campaigners fit in with my middle class party movement. My book is in the last stage of editing and I think it will be published soon. I hope to get endorsements from several middle class and perhaps from a few well-known people.

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